This ongoing project started as a response to the political climate in the country the past few years- everything seemed to be about negativity, about division, about what is truth (and what is inarguably false, yet touted as truth), how the surface of things can be 180 degrees opposite from what is underneath, it is about falsehoods and unseen influence. It is about discordance, about disorientation, about a world turned upside down and inside out. What was familiar and perhaps mundane has now taken on a sense of surrealism and unfamiliarity.
With the advent of Covid, as well as the ever increasing effects of cataclysmic climate change, the lies and misinformation continue unabated worldwide, so the series has broadened to deal with visual representations related to them. What would happen if nature took hold, if vegetation overgrew the familiar and transformed it into something altogether different and foreign looking, but also strange and beautiful?

Thank you!
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